International websites need to be adapted to the culture of each country. Translation alone is not enough

Behavior and opinions vary considerably depending on the country


Google ads are even more effective on smartphones

Miratech is reviewing its previous studies on Google search results pages. Google ads get even more attention on smartphones!

60-year-olds make twice as many mistakes as 20-year-olds

60-year-olds make twice as many mistakes as 20-year-olds

Miratech measured the impact of age on performance when using the Web.

Beautiful brunette isolated on white

Men are pervs, women are gold diggers

Miratech have conducted the first international eye tracking study to measure how men and women look at the photo of a sexy young woman.

Heatmap appli Pages Jaunes

It’s hard to browse the web with an iPad

Miratech has conducted a study to determine how web browsing differs between an iPad and a computer.

Comparaison lecture journal/iPad

We skim on an iPad and we read on paper.

The Miratech team wanted to know how reading patterns differ between an iPad and a printed newspaper.

Répartition du regard identique sur un iPad et sur un journal papier

Readers are more likely to skim over articles on an iPad than in a newspaper

At Miratech, we are interested in the difference between reading on an iPad and a printed newspaper.


A tool for comparing the visibility of online ads

We have presented the most effective content for boosting ad visibility. Now, we publish a tool online to help you compare ad visibility

Carte de chaleur influence sensualité

The elements that boost ad visibility

The most effective ads are those that show a sensual man, include text, and are well integrated with the web page

Temps passé sur une publicité par rapport au temps passé sur la page.

Web users spend 6.58% of their time on ads

Web advertising attracts attention, and static ads are twice as effective as animated ads.

Le point orange est plus saillant que les points bleus. Il est logiquement plus regardé.

How are web pages viewed?

There are three factors that determine how a web page is viewed: design, content, and the goal of the user.

On ne lit pas en gamma, ni en Z.

Web pages are not read from left to right

There are many theories out there about how web pages are read. Some are true, but only in very specific circumstances. Most are false. Here is a selection of the best known ones.

Exemple de comportement individuel. Le sixième résultat est bien regardé.

Google ads in second position get more attention

Ads on Google aren’t viewed in the order they appear. The second ad attracts more attention than the first!.

Le Triangle d'Or de Google

How users behave on a Google search results page

Miratech conducted an eye tracking study on a Google search page. The study brought to light new results that challenge some preconceptions about the rules of ranking.

Un cercle chromatique

Improve the readability of your web content

On a web page, users only take the time to read 28% of the words at best. So how can you make sure information stands out? How can you encourage your visitors to read more?


Capitalize on Web standards and conventions

Taking web conventions and the habits of your users into account when designing your site can improve its usability.

Quantité capsules nespresso

Some guidelines for user-friendly forms

To help users understand forms and fill them out correctly, here are some guidelines for designing a simple and user-friendly interface.


Emphasize your clickable elements

To improve the clickability of elements on your web page, follow Fitts’ law!

Mapping lemonde

Finding the right place for visuals on a website

On a screen, visuals are less noticed than text. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your visual elements.

Courbe nielsen nadauer

How do you determine the ideal number of participants for user testing?

Based on our experience here at Miratech, ten participants are enough to detect the majority of usability problems on a website.