Who we are, what we do

Miratech is the leading user experience consulting firm in France.

Our mission is to make technology work for people. We do this by applying user-centered design methods to optimize your interfaces and ensure they are effective, profitable, and work the way your users expect them to.

Our consultants are experts in analyzing user behavior in relation to a variety of media including the Web, intranets, mobiles, TV and print.

Our labs and offices are conveniently located in downtown Paris, offering easy access for international clients and projects. To guarantee accurate and reliable results, they are equipped with the latest technologies, including eye tracking and mobile testing.

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Our clients

Miratech caters to all different sized companies, from SMEs to major corporations.

We routinely work on international projects and we very often collaborate with usability and market research companies in other countries.

Our clients range from web-based businesses such as lastminute.com, to traditional brands like Air France and Chanel. Our expertise can be applied to all sectors, from banking and insurance (Société Générale, AXA) to media.

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Key dates

2005 Miratech is founded.
2006 Miratech is granted “Innovative Startup” (Jeune Entreprise Innovante) by the French Ministry of Research and Industry.
2007 Miratech is awarded the “New Entrepreneur Trophy” by French magazine Le Nouvel Entrepreneur, for the most innovative and promising startup.
2008 Miratech wins the “Chef d’Entreprise Magazine Trophy” in the innovation category. This trophy recognizes daring, inventive and successful business initiatives.
2009 Miratech publishes the first results of studies mentioned in the press. These famous studies reveal how a Google search page is read and what factors determine the success of an ad.
2010 Miratech launches MJ-Application, a subsidiary dedicated to developing mobile applications.
2011 Miratech becomes a founding member of IUTP : International Usability Testing Partnership.
2012 Miratech celebrates 100th client milestone.
2013 Miratech keeps growing and opens a mobile lab.
2014 Miratech gets patent #3 006 087 about an algorithm for analyzing user behavior.
2015 Miratech wins First Prize of the “Be-UX Paris” event for its work on Wonder.Legal, an inovative website for creating online contracts, letters and documents.